Lightweight Level III+ and Level IV UHMWPE Armor

All Patriot Defense Systems (PDS) products are equipped with Level IIIA and or Level III UHMWPE armor.

Polyethylene is the most commonly used plastic in the world. UHMWPE is a subset of polyethylene that has the strength to weight ratio 8-15 times greater than steel.

The new PE, UHMWPE body armor reduces the weight more than 50% over traditional steel armor plates, providing positive buoyancy and reducing shrapnel also caused by steel plates.

This material is utilized for the core in the Level IV and Level III+ PE plates produced by Tactical Scorpion Gear and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Sizing is adaptable to any carrier vest or bag with any custom size available upon request. Both series armor plates have padded and outer shell of 1000D nylon.

The level III+ PE plates offer a weight of 3.3 pounds for the most common 10” x 12” size which is approximately 140% less weight than the equal size in a steel armor plate. The level IV PE core armor plate is available with either Alumina or Silicone Carbide ceramic faces (Silicone Carbide is 14% Lighter than Alumina).

  • For front and/or back protection

  • Plate Sizes available: 6×6, 6×8, 8×10, 10×12, 11×14

  • Plate shapes available : Flat, Single-curved, Multi-curved

  • Configurations of Sapi, Shooters and modified / Swimmers cuts

  • Level IV is available with Alumina or Silicone Carbide ceramics

The Lightweight Level III+ and Level IV Armor family by Tactical Scorpion Gear.

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